The phone doesn’t sleep, 
so why should your business?

Your phone calls, answered.

  • On average 100% of calls are answered and 80% are handled without involving a team member. 
  • With Slang, your phone will never go unanswered. You can stop sending callers to voicemail and start giving them valuable answers whenever they want them.

Speak your language.

  • Choose your own personalized responses that speak to the customers as if it were you or your staff on the phone.
  • Choose from over 20 voices. Even add branded music, if you want. 

Dial your personal concierge.

  • Jeeves, are you there? Slang can free your staff from hundreds to thousands of calls. With that time back, your team can focus more on tasks that deeply engage your customers.
  • Imagine all calls answered with the same enthusiasm each and every time

Say hello to quality.

  • We ensure your callers get the experience they deserve by guiding you through set up and monitoring your performance every day.  
  • 85%+ of callers say that Slang was helpful for their call experience.  

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"Before Slang 80% of calls would go unanswered because staff was too busy. Slang answers our calls 24/7, so guests get answers fast."

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